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                At GFW our first priority is always about exceeding expectations of customer care and comfort, and now is no different. As a young business in these extraordinary times, we have found ourselves wondering what we can do to survive as a business whilst also helping and serving our customers as we all try to navigate into a new kind of normal.

                As a frontline worker I have seen firsthand the effects that this pandemic is having on families and the general public, in particular the confusion and fear surrounding the best practices that we should all follow for our safety and the wellbeing of others that we come into contact with.

                After getting our compliance and quality control aligned to the highest standards, we are now delighted to introduce you to our premium quality face coverings, as well as Type IIR medical grade BFE ≥ 98 (3 and 4 ply).  Take a peek, you’ll find what you’ve been looking for!

                *Give us a call for tailored options, re-sellers or bulk orders!

                Masks (5)

                GFW medical face mask with BFE≥98% (class1. type II R) - box of 50 pcs


                Nature's dream - reusable cotton face cover


                Fun zone - reusable linen face covering


                Ponte luxe - reusable face cover


                Earth serenade - reusable linen face covering

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