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What you need to know when choosing your work shoes


My name is Marius and I am the co-founder of GreatForWork. I have worked for over 14 years for a great company with a great product – Ecco Shoes. Now, I want to share what you should consider when picking up your work shoes.

If there is something I learnt throughout my 14 years’ experience of selling shoes is that anyone should pay attention when spending money on 2 things: shoes and a good mattress; If you are not in one you`re in the other 😊. So you see… shoes are important, especially when you spend a full shift of 8 to 10 hours in them doing thousands of steps.

  1. The sole. In my opinion, the sole of a shoe is probably the most important thing. That is because the shape of the sole gives the fit of the shoe. Also, the sole has to be shock absorbent (try walking for 8 hours in Dutch wooden clogs – no way!). In general, rubber sole shoes have good shock absorbent properties. Rubber soles are flexible and it’s with 2 to 3 times more resistant than leather soles, are lighter and offer a good grip on various surfaces. That is why Ecco uses Polyurethane to make the soles of their shoes. 
  1. The upper. Usually leather uppers are the best as they are flexible, breathable and in conjunction with the Gore-Tex fabric make the shoe waterproof. Fastenings could be velcro or laces, but if working in the healthcare sector, laces are a requirement for safety reasons.

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Thank you for reading and see you next time when I will talk about choosing the correct size.


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